Triflow O3 Water – FAQs

What is O3 water?

Ozone is O3, which is a molecule made up of three Oxygen atoms. Ozonized water is created by adding Ozone to water. The oxidation powers of ozonized water make it an extremely strong disinfectant with many applications.

How is O3 water generated?

The Ozone generator adds air and a little bit of electricity into the water. The electricity splits the Oxygen atom, which then combines with the air creating Ozone gas.

How does O3 water remove bacteria and viruses?

O3 water is 3,000 times more powerful than traditional oxidants such as Chlorine – (Journal of Applied Microbiology). Depending on the concentration of O3 in water and the contact ‘treatment’ time can affect the sanitizing ability of O3 water.

Do the new Triflow O3 Water systems remove odour?

Yes, Triflow O3 Water removes odours from hands, worksurfaces, food and even your kitchen sink drain.

What is the warranty on O3 water systems?

There is a 2-year guarantee on both the Tap and Generator.

Can Triflow O3 Water remove COVID-19 from surfaces?

Currently laboratories are unable to use COVID-19 samples for testing. Once this is approved, we will be conducting tests through independent testing laboratory TUV.

Can I drink Triflow O3 Water?

We advise NOT to drink Triflow O3 water as drinking large amounts can cause internal damage.

Do the new Triflow O3 Water systems take filters?

Our current models do not take filters. However, a Triflow O3 Water 4-in-1 will be launched in the future.

What are the working temperatures for O3 water?

The operating temperatures for O3 water is a minimum of 5° C, to a maximum of 40° C

What happens to the O3 in the water?

O3 will eventually turn back into O2, dissipating into the atmosphere.

How much does the new Triflow O3 Water systems cost to run?

Generator ModeWatt usageMonthly Cost *
Active 6W per hour0.04p
Standby0.72W per hour0.00p

*monthly cost based on use 10mins per person per day / average household of 4 total usage 1 hour per day = 30hours per month

Are there Environmental benefits of using Ozone as a disinfectant?

Due to Ozone being a gas which is produced at point of use without Chemicals, there are immediate environmental benefits.

  • No pollutants are created.
  • Any wastewater produced is safe to entre waterways and surface drains – there is no need for a foul sewer.
  • No chemical manufacture is required therefore reducing transport and eliminating the need for chemical drums