How the water ozone works


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How Triflow Ozone Works Video

What is O3?

  • Ozone, or Tri-Oxygen is a natural gas composed of three atoms of Oxygen.
  • Its chemical symbol is O3.
  • It is produced in an Ozone Generator which is supplied with air and a little bit of electricity.
  • The weak bond holding Ozone’s third Oxygen atom is what causes Ozone to be a very strong Oxidant and an ideal ‘Chemical free’ sanitizer and oxidizer agent.
  • When oxidizing a compound, it loses the weakly bonded atom, and an oxygen molecule remains.

How is it Generated?

  • It is produced in the Ozone Generator Supplied.
  • Air and a little bit of electricity is mixed in the water.
  • The electricity splits the Oxygen in the air into two Oxygen atoms.
  • The Oxygen atoms combine with Oxygen molecules to form the Ozone gas.
  • Oxidant and an ideal ‘Chemical free’ sanitizer and oxidizer agent.

Why is it effective?

  • O3 creates pure water free of bacteria, viruses, spores, parasites, and chemicals
  • NO Chlorine, NO Washing Gel, NO Chemicals
  • 3,000 times more powerful than traditional oxidants like chlorine.
  • Over 99.99% of Microbes removed from hands and surfaces.